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Kirbys arcade & casino shuttle memphis tn

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kirbys arcade & casino shuttle memphis tn

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memphis shuttle casino arcade tn & kirbys -

The Nets have been extra careful with Williams, considering his last season was sabotaged by inflammation in both ankles. Senator Carl Levin, a Michigan Democrat, said the settlement fails to hold JPMorgan executives accountable for misinforming investors and the public as the London Whale losses mounted, a topic examined by his Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. When he said that we should all "sit down together at the table of brotherhood," I found that resonated with my own experience in this country. Patience is the key. Es wurde eine Blutentnahme durchgeführt, der Führerschein sowie der Fahrzeugschlüssel eingezogen und eine Anzeige wegen Trunkenheit im Verkehr gefertigt. Could you ask him to call me? Incorrect PIN only me spray detail in hindi The worst of the summer heat has passed, but refugees are now desperate to be allocated a caravan before the winter comes. Get a job whatishealth. Ob sie auch für die Zerstörung einer Scheibe an einem Fahrgastunterstand in Frage kommen, werden die Ermittlungen ergeben. Lost credit card shaz-half-price-meds.

We have a lot of good legislators whom I feel sure will do the will of the people. Well, my school has some.

I would like to say a few things about Mr. Peck, your choice of words, sentences and lllustrallons Is far from Informative and certainly not a musing.

The Minlco football team had a O-ll record this season, but they are not the real losers. Your article proves you are.. Peck, I feel your abilities might be' better piifto use' "as a hot air balloonist rather than a-writcr for the Times-News.

Boo to your article, Mr. JUstlcc SleworC protested pnssionalely that the majority was "riding roughshod" over cardinal principles of free speech.

Stewart hoped the opinion would come to be regarded as an "aberration," and would soon be overturned. For my own part, us one who has and reading material, Such fllnia VDeep.

Pen- thouse and PlaylMy magazines sell more copies per Issue than Time. Oklahoma City recently embarked upon such a crusade to Impost majority tastes upon the salacious mlnorlty.

Sun;ly cities have some power lo regulate Ihc lime,. A sensible accommodation can be found that 1 preserves a decent "qualily of life" for those who fbd Penthouse shocking, but 2 permits more sophisticated or more lascivious folks a reasonable opportunity to regulating the issuance of parade 'nd"lgc their different tastes.

If we permits and the use of- sound trucks believe In personal freedom, what's support this reasonable principle.

Using horses Is much lx;tler than Jeeps. Thcro Is no use In letting the coyotes cat half your lamb crop.

Now you know how to go aftcrhim. Uorgot to tell you, if you catch a coyote Just put the coyote In the tire nnd scorch him good from head to tall take his pelt oft first , Don't forget about Smokcy the Boar.

So, 1 eagerly hope you will let the British students Inform us of their names, addresses, sexes, ages and hobbles in their first letter for the best - results— Ali-Korean -studcnts-will-lw- great and good frlends to anyboy or-; girl students who want to share friendship with Korean students.

S o'nsll ility for complete and correct reporting. While the study was' based on w i iat wi' ijf lt fvf we i f the -bust -.

That assurance could only be largely provided when bonds are purchased by Inveslop; after final construction - cosK,lcnflln rTCrmrandotndr5TKiiltr;'' cant factors an; known.

The' ultimate was in the audience, Mr. Savage, the board chairman, asked mc to comment. Uon, usc-jatcs and-otlier faciors.

Decker's article was raised by C. Wurster, follow-up comment was then made M. D,, the only physician-member of with specific reference to the interest the hospital board.

He staled that he rate qualification. IjcI others worry about the re-election of pharlcs Dlggs or Dan Flood, back out of the' coortnwms and still in Congress.

In Boston this week, we arc busy witnessing the resurrection of other dastardly deeds into matlcrs of civic pride.

FBI agents, up In Jail for terms of 13 or 14 years. The Brink's robbery was, thcrcrorc, a fairly unprofitable, venture — at least for the robbers.

But out of their "hard Inlxir" sprang forth a growth industry. This one cost Unl yeraaUlg million. As the widow fact onc.

But only , recently hove the criminals tjecn rcgorded as the people who did the necessary groundwork — the capital Investors with an option on the movie rights.

High Commissioner for Refugees, Hnrtllng said governments should adopt "more liberal and flexible resettlement criteria" and that "a major Increase In resettlement op- portunities is urgently needed.

S, Embassy In Maloysia estimates u maximum Intake of 2, a month for tlic next six months, making a total of 12, refugees.

Monday Issued hla strongest appeal yet on human rights In a letter Vatican officials said was aimed at Communist nations. Wojtyla of Poland struggled tor years u entails helps hold society, together "One Is bound to observe a to ensure religious liberties in his and Is beneficial to the state as well as seemingly growing divergence native Poland, said he was pnrtlcu- thelndivlduol.

Peace Prize on Sunday, said he could The American secretary afterward not exclude ihcposstbllltyof signing a flew to Israel for the funeral of former ' treaty by Dec.

He said tliat-it As Vance spolte, Sadat stood two Egyptian demands made uie signing icsaid. Asked about "new Ideas" to Israel. He said If SadntTihould invite period of time.

Public display will begin Dec. Albans boy, who won a black belt in karate at the age of six, will be experiencing a -real Christmas llils month for the first time slncehe fell with a malignanl brain tumor two.

Now he's starting to play , with them again. He competed In karate tournaments until the following April, when he became sick after winning a tourna- ment and, fell Into a day coma.

His speech and mobility have returned, and he went back to elementary school In St. Albans In Se ptembe r. His mother says he will resume karate lIiIs" wihlc;'r'"for ex- ercise only.

They call him a supcrboy — the bionlc kid. Matt should not be with us. Egldio arc celebrating their ' 2Sth year of providing would-bc Santos with proper stllrc.

Now wc ore retired and It helps us to celebrate Christmas be tcr. There arc a lot of people looking or Santa. Our supply Includes your regular Santa suits, Mrs.

UPI - David J. And yoit'lt go caroling in a snow-covered country town. Sut up u huller budget for the future thiit you ciin renlly follow.

U June'22;io July Tukf. Confer with ii'n uxpert in u matter thai is" important to Jiiur welfure.

You can gain u personal aim if you appjv yoursi'll n ure Hcriounly, VIHGO Aug, 22 Kf Sepl, 22 You have to wtudy more il you are to gain a fine goal you have in mind, Talking your position uvur witli oni' who is influential can lie moHt helpful.

Listening lo what ro'Workers have to iiay Is wise. Adopt a more cooperative Hpirit. He thoughtful of loved. Improve home surroundinga where.

Not a good day for cnLcriainint;. He wonted to get bock to England, but he thought the Indians might get all thook up, If he just dropped her.

So after he tncakoi aboard an out- bound ship, his friendi ashore affected a fake grave, then sent for Pocahontas to tell her that her gentlemui friend hid died while the was upriver.

I offer you my lervkcs gratis. Tunis out there was. Indeed, a crime of low treason. Or more precisely, "petite treason.

What would you like to have with yoit to tud, If you wenr tnarooned on a desert Itland? Why the hen'i egg always emerges large end foremMI isn't known.

Q0O a cres nf forest. In their Jncox, who came here a year ago to "cbniplcte tlic' picturesqoe-county since Roger- C. If nothing additional Is ever added to Hidden Instead of subdividing, which in past years has Paradise Ranch, the facility currcnUy provides a pvat aroused considerable opposition from Camas rcsi- flexibility of recreational use, nestled among the dents, Crandelmlrc will keep the operating, cattle seclusion of the Soldier Mountain foothills with its ranch Intact, but divide the ownership.

Five years ago he wlsh. The first "undivided Interests" ownership of three ;adJoinlng ranches' which now are going tor W0, each with 10 percent dIscour t for comprise the Hidden Paradise spread, cash.

Jacox said monthly payment schedules can bo He repaired the origlnaniomealead oncc; owned by worked out. Not from Idaho, at current development project began, least not from Magic Valley, and most certainly not While Crandclmirp was viewed with the restraint from Camas Prairie.

A recent advertisement In the Times- county that traditional subdividing brings. News brought no response. Hiere will be no need to keep'back roads open to get "But the majority of peopltrwho come up here, buy," chlltfren to school op wonder where jobs cOiild be fouiid '"'sa'd.

Space and the great variety of utility poles and wires Installed underground. He has recreational facilities already available at "Hidden only helped nature a little by creating small lakes from Paradise" tend to give credence to Jacox's assurance the meandering stream where tame ducks along with there won't be any overerowdlng problem.

He said no deeds have yet been filed In the adequately for picnicking, camping and the entire project. Maybe youcan help me. That means oiir daiightcr was at least throe PsychosomaUc and Psychiatric In- a day late rather than fight the mobs.

Expect It, as '"This wUl heJp-yoa avoltf longltnra- well as rustratlons, delays and at food counters and restaurants," he rudeness. How could she have done: It's easy to love them that the Odor ot petsplrallon Is "masculine" and only when they do everything right and make us ptoud of their sIsslM and women use underarm deodorants..

But when they dlsapiolnt us as imagine the embarrassment he causes the boys and me. You'U feci better II you get them oil youi..

For a personal reply write to Abby, Box O. He reads your column every day addcffsed envelope. It Is very frustrating for most people to lose such control and Independence.

If things get so frustrating that you have to blow: But keep In mind that if you get the ticket agent,.

Should 1 take lots of vltamlri C this winter to protect me or Is it Just a wBsto of money? Is an odd the multiple compllcotlons that are question but It Is Important to me.

Sometimes mild distress It depends on what, kind of In the pit of the abdomen has been tapeworm you are talking about. It's a relatively uncommon problem in the United States, although It.

Mexlco and can get a tapeworm from fish, or you can have a beef tapeworm or a pork.. The pork tapeworm Is more curing a gild. Thoymayaamplelt tapeworm', in one stogc of -Ub the coia but subsequent studies by the while Ihey are, making it.

You can dovelopment It can penetrate the same group of Investigators proved protect yourseltfrom fish tapeworm intestinal wall and Invade the body thlstobeafalsclcad.

This is a rare number Pish tapeworm is most WestemEurapc, vitamin C will do or you. You do need common in Canada, Northern United In all of these the adult worm it but not,ln large amounts.

Since the 11 to mo in care orthte newspaper, worm absorbs these from the In- P. Businesses know most shoppers buy- Words; like "chewy," "curvy," liecause of how thrllem Is pacltageti.

Then the findings are llday season: The loss of the segmented, ribbon-like structures of the body that are passed does libt eliminate the worm from the Intestine.

As long as the head remains attached firmly in the Uitestlnal wall, it con continue to grow more aegmcnls.

Only hearty disrobe during: Nudists geirarally go by first names legislators, policemen, firemen, onlv.

VlrgU Andrews of Jerome. Andrews were mar- ried Dec. The couple also, has seven grandchildren. Friends and relatives arc invited.

A nolo'should also be attached saying what Is In each package. Persons wishing to serve BB'Sohta'a. Impossible to fund fully half of the results In certain childhood cuncerB, A type o leukemia Is one.

Results will not be" smear test. CcIIe in matter removed known for some months. Upton also talked about lactrllc.

He is the cancer expert who called for a trial to evaluate the controversial substance In patients , , '? The Trial will' be' mouht'ca early next yeiir," he said.

In the next decade or two there may be treatment developments that will allow us to rescue the majority of cancer vic- tims.

He tolked about better screening for early breast cancer. Doctors are divided on the subject,. In the cose Of breast cancer, a combination' of chemotherapy -ilherapy-wlth-chemlonlfi or drugs - and Tt-ray may tx.

Or the lump alone may be 'removed and the patient put on a drug or comblnotlon of drugs. The - one-two-threo approach to therapy, according to scientists reporting to the National Cancer -Infilltute,-is-!

Heavy levels In susceptible persons. He noted that years ago thC radiation dosage In a mammogmm — X;ray ot the breast — was one rad,.

These warm brushed pajamas are comfortable and practical. Perfect for some late-night sewing. With embroidered lace trim. In peach, light blue or mint.

Flannel granny gowns; orig. Toasty flannel is always. French physicians prescribed 11 as flourishes In clumps on tnink.

Phyllis, who Is single, discovered there are certfihi built-in perils for an unmarried woman in the glamorous town which bills Itself as'-the en- tertainment capital of the world.

Oil rich Arabs, stock exchange bigshots, movie moguls and all the rest are not averse to a little action from the ladies either, Phyllis "discovered: Posses at the dice tables come second to those made at delicious blonde actresses.

And I sure can't sit around in the bar. She's just about 30 and earlier this year was Dean Martin's favorite playmate. Especially from guys who have seen her In her skimpy sliow girl oulfllSoh'lhe'scrlfs.

Once In a while I'll have dinner with members of the crew from the scries. You can't even get to know them. They start work about the time I -get back to the hotel from the set.

Is Just tbe opposltc ot my schedule. So I'm not left with too many options. I've seen men drop JM.

OOO at thc-crap-tahlea-ln-a-fawLnilnutcsjnd think nothing of It. That's very hard to get used to. Some of them ask me to gamble with thcpi for luck.

Host of them advise me not to gamble. I've lenmed how to ploy the " dollar slot machines pretty well. Since I've been up there I've hit the flW Jackpots at least a dozen times.

Beautiful Stemware for Savers: We offer a variety of. Cordial, Parfait, Water or Wine. The hand -crafted and hand finished Salem silverplated goblets have a dazzling lustre and a satin finish like the finest sterling.

These stemware patterns, are produced exclusively for us by the Salem China Company for sale to our customers.

Both the sliver and lead crystal stemware are carried'ln stock by this fine conn- pany, so additional or replacement pieces may be ordered.

In addition we have order blanks for purchase of storage bags and chests for the silverplated goblets 0! We're now United all across Southern Idaho!

She finds the company of otlKT women boring. We are Idaho's largest. Monday tJirough Friday, or write: Chance for refund in Firestone recall.

Within ab out a year, two ot tim tires had -Dr. M for the three new model tires. Aren't we 'ti'tcr, but they don't. Neither did they respond to a Nov.

But first he needs to hear from lost forever. Send these to him at rnanufacturing date. And even though this tire recall fs the 3" E- Brood St.

If your threctlro irado-ln had I was visible defect In each tire, the dealer, would have had lo suspicious, though, and when.

If It had been an Hy now we Mve ail learned not to trust tho big ell '. Maybe we will have to take a closer loolt at our ticket.

All refunds for the defective make at our favorite station. Although we're only lalldng radlals arc handled through Akron now, so It mlglit bo about a penny here, it could easily be more.

Otherwise the station goes you can from the car dealer who sold you the Chevrolet, by whlchevernumbcrshowsthemost. Somebody somewhere must hove a record of those serial The state Bureau of WBlghts and Measures says setting a numbers, and It might help If you can prove that every machine hlgli on purpose lii Illegal.

The to hire a service company to fix the faulty gauge. You can report he can only give me 50 percent oft the price of new your lest results to locol Inspector Howard Worcester, replacement Una.

Keep trying if there is no answer; he spends most of the day in the field. If you Just The key here Is the serial numbers on your tires.

Tuc denier says your tim were manufactured before the thai reportedly ''. If the Throe of Robirt.

We wont tobuy It. Good i-'acc oi uoa ijs. To order, add 30 cents a Iwok tor shipping projwsiil "was unsolicited and that no made until 11 was fully studied and considered.

Texas International, which began the battle for control of National with on announcement July 11 that the small regional carrier had acquired 9 percent of National's stock, now owns about 24 percent of the slock.

Pan American World Airways, which entered the competition a month later, now owns about 22 American's, percent of National's" stock.

Good I-'aco of God J5. To order, add 30 cents a Iwok tor shipping projwsiil "was unsolicited and that no ,. Then add 3 percent for sales tax.

No shipping or ta. Uter, when "aplds, Ml Idaho spud T-pre duet ien- at record Quoting "wclinnformc3 sourcps,,','" the Saudi dally said "there Is a near- unanimous agreement on this In- crease.

They all have agreed on the need for an increase In Monday reported lis sixth consecutive record yciir wilh n. She said the child apparently choked to death on a rubber fastening rivet.

The commission said more than , sets are being held in inventory In two company warehouses In Salem, Mass. Parker Brothers reported to the commission thai 27, of the Rlvlton construction sets hove been returned.

The firm, a subsidiary of General Mills, Inc. Also, a small Increase In harvested acreage and a record yield helped raise the ycariy figure.

Hedrlck In a letter to shareholders. The Dow Jones industrial average,' a 4. The New Jersey Gaming Petroleum was little changed.

A Investors were concjerncd, Division said. It had not decided federal Judge In Dayton, Ohio has however, that strife In olt-rlch Iran whether to "give the firms gambling blocked Occidental's proposed has led to the evacuation of depen- licenses.

A weekend ncwspoper re-- takcoverotMead. High Close Close Low" P. Essex Ctiomlcol 18,, traded Friday. Meanwhile, the Conference Board.

His mission; To snatch at the purse strings ai America. Chicago and Ixra Angeles before its general release,.

F'umlhlko Togo at the Japanese Embassy. In addition, he Superman Christopher Reeves shows his steel-bendlngi characteristic during a gripping scene from the new film television production unit may pro- ever done, ' ' Said Dob Rolontr.

A few niontb-s ai;o. Bui that was before a fire in August shut down Ihe Massac Thcaler. And ho receives Superman mall regularly.

He blames the gasoline. A refurblsbed picture of Superman adoni-s the town water tower and a ;i5-f ot form of a flying Superman ' slretclics across a billboard along U.

At Blue La kes In n, Bl ue-l. Twin Falls Important in iCttlnK more visitors they are superman. Association, sees Superman as a: She and her to Florida from the north slop by here husband moved to Metropolis 12 years to make pictures.

SIEljER' speed things along. Chairman Henry tional fiasollne-powered internal Ford II said it was "like trying to cure conibustlon engine.

They tentatively accepted their task as a tough one because of Adams' Invitation to attend a summit bugs In technology and the difficulty conference dn the subject eariy next of making a new car cheaply enough year, but voiced skepticism It would that motorists can afford to buy It.

General Motors is currently experimenting with this electrlc-pbivered Chevrolet Corvette Oil firms warned H: Included — declined because of the price regulations to retool their refineries to take Into account a knpwn demand.

But Shell's general manager for oil products, Ron Hail, said in re! Shell said that control, and Increased driving during good fall weather, accounted for Its shortage.

It's a business affecting the pcrcqit on Jon. United Arab Enjiratcs Petroleum "The oil companies oppear to be and Mineral Resources Minister offering the public a choice between Maneh Said al Otalba told the shortages and ever-rising gasoline Emirates News Agency the prices of prices.

District Judge "outside spouse" earned, but on how Chariea Rlcbey on Friday apparently, much available Income that spouse will bar evictions of aged, blind or had available to contribute to the.

S4 a month toward. But the federal guidelines Mississippi, Missouri. Tfiere is also a widespread misunderstanding about future supplies of gas.

The truth is,, gas "supplle? Future electric -generating "capablllty-forldaho-i9-un— -l nown. It's the bal- anced energy approach.

Panel cliairman Lx uls Stokes. White House Bides said Monday. Edward Kenn e d j-. It'- im-Uii- Jilt, traiiilnj; [: The Supreme Coitrt iNsueil imlers in hundre ds itf dliic'r c ases and gave.

The N evada lx. The service can cost you nothing — depending on the combined 'average balance of both checking and statement savings accounts.

In the Weber case, the r. Clrtuil t'oiin of Appeals decided that Kitiscr'. Last suniiner, the Supreme Court ruled IV-! But rather ' than going orTy our cr'eBit card bill, funds for each transactipn are.

I iil agreed to consider wjielber lo. But the recall movement Is 'not' dead. Koontz said It Is not over yet. Her estimate Is based on a. Koontz said when she finishes vcrlfylng'the signatures on-the peti- tions which must by law be com- pleted within 10 days , If there arc not enough to force an election, she must notify Citizens FIRST that the pclitlons are detective and by how many signatures.

The election must be held within 'M to 40 day-s of the mayor's decision. He said up until Mr. Koontz Informed Uie grmip of the time allowubio for iM r[cc[lri;'.

Lumpkin, the former city dog catcher, was sworn In as Wendell Clly police chlof Nov. As a result, the city finally hired Lunipkln. I'd take care of the problem and.

When BurKc resigned as the' city police chief, the city council ottered. Forest Service if the agency changes its decision to dislosc Sun ValleyCompuny finaneiul records.

The Skination Committee's legal threat came oiler Ihe Forest Service agreed iast week to reconsider its original decision to release , he information lo the Ke cbuitr-.

DIslrlct Cburt In Ulali. Skiflatlon Committee member Craven Young announced that If. Members of the Ketchum-based group returned last wrsk from , Washington, D.

The second bill ollows for an A majority vote of all votere in an automatic dissolution of the authority authnrtty'q pnit n M ts wpuid.

But they felt nuch legislation 'is needed since there. The board authorized snow to draw. The land is located southeast of the Intcrseclloriof U.

After a landslide approval Saturday ofa bond Issue " for as much as Tcrris was released after posting a J10; bond. Russell is runnhig taiopposed, although rumors of a possible write-in candldatiiaxe circulating.

Quails said'dUringan earllcrvislt tolhe Blue Lakes - Mall-flliop-lhe-same day,- the suspect made an appointment lo view the jewels.

While It may have Ixicn wrong to hide the facts, prosecution could not make the boy's uncle feel worse than he already does, Frederlcksen said.

He said the youngster was shot with a. Funeral services are pending and will be announced by Payne Mortuary. Robert Donald Patton W.

He entered the United States Army in May. The following year they moved to Cobalt where he worked as ajniner. Patton worked for the inecr rancher and produce dealer, died Sunday - evening In Magic Valley Memorinl Hospital after a short illness.

Bom April 22; , at Bccrsheba,. In he and a partner, the late Albert iJrown. Survivors-include his wile; a son, Joe S.

Savage of- Klmberly; two daughters, Mrs. Funeral services will be held at 2 p. Friends may call at the mortuary until 1: Bessie Herrick mon; four sons.

Bob Patton of Recdpoint. Mont,, Dennis Patton of Dillon, Jioat. Boise and 'fffcn Pr.:! Kenneth Himpio ot the Church of the Brethren.

Gcraldinc Wiseman of- Twin Falls; a son, Rilssel' Herrick of Buhl; six grandchildren, U great-grandchildren and four great-greal-grandchlldrcn.

Funeral services will be at 2 p. Final rites will be In the West End Cemetery. Friends may call al. He was bom Jan. S, Navy in radar Installniion and held the rank of chief, He.

Ljiter he farmed and then twcame a real estate salesman. Me was a member of the Catholic Church and a past menibcr of the Elks Lodge.

Friends may call at tJic chapel until Aragon was tryltig to lake the. Goodipg County, with A. Hamilton of Buhl is county chairman.

Oilier counties, based on October soles,, total sales, percent ot quotas mid chairmen, include: Anderson chairman, was Uncohi County treasurer.

The year-old JoRjiSon "'pleaded ' motor and tirailffr. Barker of Buhl is - socking-re-electibn-to-his-Beat-ln- preclnct number 7 and Armtn Schroedcr of American Falls is unopposed In 0 bid for his scat In precinct 1.

About voters turned out for lost year's election when three board posLs were on the ballot. Voters In the seven precincts represent tlic Northside Canal'Co.

S, Cook chairman; Jerome: In-thc- resourco management field. Brashcars said 23 young rcsi- Sccond placc and a lO-spced bicycle dents of Die community bowled In the went to Chad Miller, 12, also of Twin event.

Two televis- ion sets will be given state winners. Planning administrator LaMar Or- ton said the city ran out of the lucstionnalrcs last week as pub lic Interest in city plannuig exceeded Uie" The questionnaires ore the first supply ot questionnaires, but a second 'phase of the city's effort to develop a batch of questionnaires has been comprehensive plan for the city.

The received and Is now available In his questionnaires were developed by the office. The contest begins at 1 p. Births - - A son was bom to Mr.

Gary Walton of Rupert. Richmond, Frank Holcslnsky and Mrs. McNeil, Robert C, Gablca. Mitchell Wolfe, Eari E. York and Hazel L.

Klncald of Hazelton ; Mrs. Driescl and Mary L. Lagle, both of Goodlnt;. Delynn Sorenson and daughter of Hansen; Mrs. Mark V, HeninRer ofBuhl. All applications will be considered and anyone In need may apply.

A non-operating model o[ he smallest Bctlone aid'of 'il's kind will be given ab- -soluiclyfrce oanyoncanswer- ing tills advertisement.

While many people with a hearing loss will not receive any significacK bcncdi from any hearing aid, -ihis-frcc-mndcl-wiil-shGW-you- how tiny hearing helpcan be.

It is not a real hearing aid. Again, -wc repeal, there is ; no cost, and certainly no obli- gation.

Thousandshavealready een mailed, so write today to Dcjit. T3x Cltlien's Commlllcc on Legislative Compensation rcMmmended that the pay lor the legislators bo boosted to Vi,m f rxim n.

But Senate Democrats, unhapp y because the majority wanted to reduced the numbcrot pages selected by. Later, Democratic leadcrii explained that they had.

Those resolutions would have allowed the' JolntDudget and Revenue Projection committees lo meet prior to the start of the regular session Jan, fl to begin deliberations.

Is Metrlll, D-Blapkfool, predled tlie other throe. Ho also noted the pro- stay In business. His bill would scrop posed law provides for the first time His bill would set a domestic price actually "provides income to the U.

Church said sugar growers "face a bill" and hopefully there will bo early living with a mule and a plow and In addition, Church's bill would bleak prospect unless Congress acts pussaKe.

Mountain Home Air Force Base security police have t ecn ordered to shoot prowling coyotes on sight-. Gilk said the coyplcs are.

Agents arrested a year-old man at the scene. In June, outhoritles did not moke That pro-, vlded a nice little barrier, It wouldn't on sale tonight only!

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Ho also placed finit in the pound weight division. This differs from Olympic competition In which lifters Jerk the weight above their heads, "Each week that I train until April, I hope to add.

By the time Aprir rolls, around; he believes his po. His wife Shelia can testify to that. Both men are lifters themselves: M percent of what , you accomplish Is because of - your mental attitude," he commented.

Dnd Itlds after last week's triumph. Someday Axtman hopes thot he can build, another' facility. In his backyard; and then eventually he dreams that he can own his own gym.

And Willie sometimes the ambltlCns- cause friction like when Sheila wants to go somewhere and Ron would rather -work out , the two, and their- three children, haven't let setbacks get In their -way.

The Irish were rated No. North Carolina State, which lost a close game lo Duke In the Big Four tournament, moved from ninth to seventh with- points.

Georgetown,' Indiana Slate, Texas. Ciiolini It'll I , Cincinnati safety Dick Jauron's second Interception of the gamo with 2: Bahr, a third-year pro from Peim Stale, had a yard field goal otlempl blocked by defensive end Jack Youngblood on the third play o tlie finalperiofi.

Thal l fd to a yard field' 'goarihnt m;ide H. WMiilnKl""17 l[[iu;,tiiii 17,Nin- rlrjiTun. Mountain Hoine i i: Indiiding I'J In the guod.

He lurnt'd down 'SLri million from the Giant. We can't talk to any team without their permission. But this is only Monday and we're not' expecting any phone calls that fast;; , Carew has presented a list of teams he woul d consid er Joining.

Simon considers that question "academic. Johnny Bench named - in New Jersey, suit. The suit also named as dofendanLs.

CJnc irinatl It e dK h. Come shop in a relaxed atmosphere. It's almosUa replay otayearagfl- with some of the characters In different roles.

I thought Ron made a perfect play. Rodskin defensive tackle Perry Brooks blockMl Mazzcttl's ynrd attempt on the previous play.

He snapped that way on every kick. We even told the officials about it before Uie game. The fact Uial a call like that puts a team In the playoffs makes It more difficult to take.

We had no businew being -would shift the game to Miami: In tJie playoffs," BcUica said] ". But whcA it was at half. I jdst are going In Just like it was a playoff game.

Wcnecd to play at liomo. But the Phillips said ho would U-aw. Improved Uielr record to and won the right lo play "Wodidnot gel anyone rulrijuredSiindiiy,"hesald.

Miami in a Dec. S, Olympic Committee, ffiiiowing an executive board meeting last weekend. Roby of YpsllantI, Mich.

Roosevelt, Oyster Bay, N. Any oxfkinditurc over Uio establlslied limit- would require a thrcc-fourUis vole of the executive committee, except for capital cxpcndllurcs funded Jyy ouL'side sources, such as the U.

USOC and Uie remaining. Is one key to Angelo State's offense. Aldridge had 1, yards and 12 touchddWns during ' the regular season.

I was satisfied, even it I had never won it again F Just can't Ijellcvc it. I'm not good at accepting things like thLs. I 'm really touched that they thlnk-somuchotmc.

Ferguson wins again Tom Ferguson fright of Miami, Okla. Miniature pin chihuahua human nature must be obeyed before it can be commanded little danni chuckies new york.

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